HOW TO: Choose Grout

You need tiles. You’ll spend many hours toing and froing between tile choices; sizes, colours, textures. But not a second thought is given to grout choices, and more often than not is usually a rush decision during installation. 

This can be a massive oversight. Grout creates a frame for your design, and can completely change the overall look achieved, whether drawing your eye to the larger pattern, or leaving the individual tile to be the attention getter. 



Grout type is as important as colour. Where are the tiles going? Somewhere they are exposed to stains and moisture? Cement-based grout is the most common option, but won’t help in areas with high traffic or moisture and stains. 
Epoxy grouts are more expensive but far more durable and resistant to stains, marks from harsh cleaners, and water damage. Come and see us to talk about the best options for your space. 


What look do you want to achieve? If the tile itself is your priority, then go for a lighter grout. Try matching one to the colour of the tile. If the overall pattern is more the focus of your finished look, go for a contrast grout – Think about the space it will be in.  

Looking for a safe option? Go neutral. Light greys and beiges will keep everything rather, well, neutral. Plus light greys, tans and browns will be far easier to keep clean. But don’t let that put you off being adventurous! 

Come and see us for a selection of grout options. It doesn’t have to be daunting, and you don’t have to wait until it’s installed to realise it’s not what you were wanting. We can show you examples and give you an idea of the finished product before it’s been installed.