STYLE TILE: Wood Look Tiles

The days of expensive floorboard installations or hours of sanding back your original floors are over! Wood look tiles are the best way to achieve the warmth and texture of wooden floors but with a more scratch resistant and easy clean surface. Not to mention the cost effectiveness. Wins all round!


Things to remember with wood look tiles...

Wood look tiles will have a pattern repeat. Your tiler will rotate the tiles and mix them up to create enough variation for a natural look. If you're laying them yourself, remember to keep it very random so no one can see an obvious repeat. Come in and see us and we'll walk you through it.


Shorter planks are great for herringbone and geometric patterns. The longer, wider tile planks will give you the traditional wooden floorboard look. Wider options are also slightly easier to clean with less joins. But the finer planks can create some design magic. You're really unlimited with what you can achieve.

Grout colour should be a shade darker than the tones in the tile. This will create a shadow like border to give the true wooden floor board elusion.


The colour options are vast, from warm and rich traditional looking boards to light and bright natural woods. Technology has come a long way in a short time to bring really genuine looking finishes. Come and see us to discuss the best colour options for your space.