Creating a minimalist bathroom

Minimalism is bang on trend and there are a number of ways you can achieve this in your bathroom. The bathroom is a place that seems to harbour lotions and potions cluttering the shower and vanity top. Apart from having a good clear out and putting things away, there are a number of ways to create a striking minimalist bathroom using tiles that would fit right into the latest Homestyle magazine.

Stick to a neutral palette

In the context of interior design, neutral means without colour. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white. By sticking with a neutral palette, it allows the bathroom to feel open and bright and enhances any natural light.

neutral palette 1.jpg
neutral palette 2.jpg
neutral palette 3.jpg
neutral palette 4.jpg

Create sleek and simple storage options

By ensuring you have enough storage in the bathroom will give you plenty of options of where to hide your tooth brushes, hair products, face creams and ointments. Giving you a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing look when everything is away in its rightful place. The key to really achieving the minimalist look is to have a clutter free area and ample storage provides just that.

Storage 1.jpg
Storage 2.jpg
Storage 3.jpg

Create contrast

While still sticking with your neutral palette, create contrast with your lights and darks to make a bold statement. This could mean keeping the walls fresh and light while adding sleek black hardware.


Add a striking mirror

Mirrors are a necessity in any bathroom and picking the right size and shape is crucial to creating a minimalist look. This will help reflect light around the room and create the feeling of more space.


Let there be light

Light is key to a minimalist design, this applies to not only natural light but also artificial light that will help create space and interest in any bathroom. Use pendants, spot lights and LED strip lighting to create a moody minimalist aesthetic.


Stick to simple materials

Along with the perfect tile choice, stick to other natural simple materials like wood and concrete to add warmth and texture but all while keeping to a simple aesthetic.


There are a few tips and tricks to create the perfect minimalist bathroom space, head into our showroom and chat to our friendly staff who can find the perfect tile choices to really make this look come alive.